Our Mission

At Vote Foundation, it’s important to us that you know what we stand for. These values represent the change we want to bring to the world, and are our reminder of what is important when faced with difficult decisions.

We believe the future is better with engaged, informed, empowered citizens.

Vote Foundation measures our success by your civic strength. Do you know who represents you? Do you know what your elected officials are doing in office and how it may affect you? Through our service, we help you understand what’s happening in your government and amplify your voice when you choose to use it.

We value systems that serve all Americans.

For our society to succeed, we must build systems that help all citizens thrive and allow our best ideas to rise - no matter their origin. In order to reduce biases we all have; party affiliation, voting history, and other information is withheld until after you've cast your vote so that you can focus on what’s important.

Your vote should reflect your values, not ours. Ensuring the information we present remains non-partisan is crucial - to that end, we are self-funded, have no political affiliation, and will never abuse your trust to promote an individual’s or organization’s agenda.

We demand a more fair, open, and honest government.

We care deeply about building a business and community that represents the greatest of our American ideals: equality of opportunity, fair competition, and the drive to move society forward.

Our role is to voice your collective desires to decision makers, so that they make the most informed decisions possible. We will celebrate with you when you are represented, and alert you when you are not. We will operate as a radically transparent service, business, and community, in order to usher in a radically transparent future.